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BGA Repair Services

A Ball Grid Array (BGA) is a type of surface-mount technology used for advanced integrated circuits. This technology can utilize hundreds of tiny balls beneath the chip to connect to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The entire bottom surface of the device can be used, instead of just the perimeter. The small solder balls or bumps on the bottom serve as "leads." These solder balls or bumps convey electrical connections to the BGA device. If the device fails or one or more of the solder ball connections fail, a BGA repair becomes necessary.

BGA repair could simply mean that you are reflowing the BGA for a second or third time for proper ball collapse which did not occur the first time or it could mean removing and replacing the BGAs on a PCB. Rework could also mean that you are de-populating the BGA, re-balling it and populating it again on the board. BGA rework is a delicate process that necessitates specialized equipment and ultra-precision and control by experienced professionals.

Key Services delivers cost savings and equipment sustainability by providing these expert BGA rework and PCB repair services. These repairs and upgrades are performed on leading edge equipment by skilled, certified technicians. Key Services provides you with quick 5-7 day turn-around time, a single point of accountability, and quality workmanship warranted for 90 days. Key Services offers superior value and exceptional customer service to Retail and Hospitality Industries, Manufacturers and the Public Sector (Government/Military, Education and Healthcare).

Contact us today for details about our BGA rework and how technology life cycle management can save you money on your existing electronic equipment.

BGA Repair

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