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MSR Repair

Repair Services for Magnetic Stripe Readers

MSRs (Magnetic Stripe Readers) decipher the digital information stored on the magnetic stripe of credit/debit cards. Existing standards allow magnetic cards to store information in three separate tracks, each with a different bit density and encoded character set. A magnetic stripe reader consists of a read head made of a broken ring of magnetic metal wrapped in wire coils. Electric current flows through the coils to create an electromagnet. The coding in the reader allows for the first and second tracks to be read simultaneously. Advanced readers can read all three tracks at the same time. Due to specific programming of the microcontroller-based device, MSRs can read the card in either direction with a corresponding encoding format.

Key Services has extensive experience in the repair of MSRs. Whether the device is secure card, internal or external, our technicians will fix any of your MSR issues. 

    We have comprehensive knowledge in repair of all brands of MSR equipment, too, including:

    • Mag-Tek
    • Unitech
    • Pos-X
    • 1, 2, or 3 track units

Businesses, small and large, rely on credit card payments for everyday transactions. Whether you are swiping from your smartphone or using a secure pin entry pad, you need solid performance from your device. Let Key Services keep your company running seamlessly with our professional repair service, timely returns and 90 day guarantee. Contact us about our repair services today.

Contact us if you have a unique need, or just have a question about repairs. We also perform evaluation repairs.


Key-Services has fast turnaround and they get it right the first time.