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Asset Management Solutions

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Asset Management Solutions

Our Asset Management Solutions simplify your business with a centralized inventory of your IT and non-IT products, in a secure facility with dedicated storage and barcoded serialized identification.  KSI customizes managed service contracts to meet each company's specific needs, budget requirements, and hours of operation. We conduct periodic business reviews to assess our compliance with your Service Level Agreement.

Asset Management Benefits

  • ISO Certified - Key Services’ operational processes are industry best practices.
  • SLA Compliance - We help our customers meet 100% of their SLA criteria for end users of their technology equipment. 
  • Custom Web Portal - Key Services’ Client Portal is customized to provide real time inventory tracking and product status information at a glance.
  • Data Analytics - Key Services’ fully customizable data capture and SQL reporting capabilities means real time inventory management data is only a click away.


TECHNOLOGY LIFE CYCLE PLANNING: Key Services focuses on providing professional and high-value services that address network, technology and business challenges through the entire technology life cycle. Our primary service areas are as follows: 

  • Technology Assessment & Strategy
  • Technology Sourcing/Acquisition
  • Technology Implementation
  • Systems Management/Provisioning

HARDWARE/SOFTWARE SELECTION: Key Services assists customers in selecting their hardware via comparisons of technical specifications. Research and benchmarking allows us to estimate ongoing maintenance and provide quality information for specific devices.

PURCHASING & LEASING: To minimize the amount of internal resources needed to coordinate a major technology-related purchase program, customers will out-source some or all of their procurement services to Key Services. We utilize our seasoned procurement professionals to perform services, such as, request for proposal preparation, vendor proposal evaluation and scoring, cost normalization and assessment, apples-to-apples capability comparison, pricing and delivery schedule negotiation. Key Services will also lease hardware to a customer, if requested.

SEED STOCK & DEMAND PLANNING: Key Services maintains a pool of working devices at mutually agreed stock levels in order to ensure a rapid delivery of a replacement for a failed customer device. Key Services monitors customer-owned inventory levels on a weekly basis using its proprietary Demand Planning methods. Our processes assess on-hand inventory levels, prior demand, safety stock requirements, and procurement lead time. It recommends when repair work orders are needed, or when there are insufficient unfinished goods to repair, and recommends when additional seed stock should be purchased. Access to Demand Planning analysis and reporting is available to designated customer personnel via our Customer Portal.

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT (VENDOR OR CUSTOMER-OWNED): Customer's devices are stored and fully tracked at the serial number level. All transactions, location information and repair data are tied to each serial number. All customer-owned devices are stored within a limited-access, secured and monitored warehouse area. In addition, real-time access to inventory is available 24 x 7 via our Customer Portal.

SITE SURVEY/ASSET DISCOVERY: Prior to submitting a proposal or beginning a new install or refresh, KSI's Project Managers are deployed to the customer locations. Information is gathered pertaining to hardware onsite. This activity enables the customer to foresee potential issues, and ensures that tasks are able to be completed in a logical and orderly manner. During the site survey our team has the ability to utilize proprietary software and tools to locate all hardware logged into the network. The usage of our software tools assists businesses with regulatory and licensing compliance as well.

FIELD DE-INSTALL/ASSET RECOVERY: Key Services will coordinate the de-installation of field equipment to ultimate disposition, maintaining chain of custody at the serial number level. We have processes in place to ensure the proper handling of data-sensitive devices.

DATA DESTRUCTION: Data on applicable devices can be wiped/degaussed/destroyed in accordance to contractual obligations using methods compliant with DOD 5220.22M and NIST 800-880 standards.

RECYCLE (HARVEST, REFURBISH, & RESELL): We provide management of end-of-life/beyond-economical-repair products. Options include harvesting parts, refurbishment and resale on behalf of the customer. If the customer decides to opt for disposal, we manage the entire disposal process.

CERTIFIED E-WASTE DISPOSAL: Downstream recyled materials vendors must conform to R-2 Estewards and OSHA's 18001 standards in order to handle KSI's recycled materials. Choose Key Services' Service Contracts or Advanced Exchange Program because simplicity is the key.

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