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Simplify your business with logistics solutions customized to your business.

Logistics SolutionsYears of experience have given us the ability to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for our customers. Our Logistics Solutions include direct to store shipping, remote supply centers, freight management and returns management. We offer scalable solutions to help you decrease operations costs, improve business processes, and keep your business running smoothly.


AGGREGATION, STAGING & KITTING: Key Services coordinates incoming items from multiple manufacturers/OEMs at our facility and stages as needed for the customer. We prepare kits containing primary devices and associated components as needed for projects or contracts, so that all devices required to keep the customer up and running are kept together.

PICK-PACK-SHIP: Key Services packages all product to ensure it is fully protected to customer specifications while in storage or in transit to its end location. We provide direct shipment to customer's locations (1 leg) or to their centralized depots (2 legs). Individual packages and palletized packages are shipped via small parcel or LTL carriers respectively, or are delivered directly by Key Services.

FORWARD STOCKING: Through the use of Remote Supply Centers, Key Services can offer the customer the ability to store critical product (end-user ready) at strategic locations throughout the United States.

LOGISTICS OPTIMIZATION: We are able to optimize our customer's logistics systems through order optimization, packaging optimization, forward stocking locations and carrier relationships (e.g. reduced rates through volume discounts). We have years of experience in Supply Chain Management to help us improve efficiency, minimize downtime and reduce costs for our customers.

DEDICATED & SECURE CUSTOMER ZONES (VENDOR OR CUSTOMER OWNED): We provide dedicated and separate customer asset storage. Our security measures include limited physical access to customer areas, access authorization control by RFID technology, camera monitoring 24 x 7, and movement of equipment tracked by scan in/out by serial number.

FIELD INSTALLATION/STORE DEPLOYMENT: Key Services will stage, kit, image/configure, test and prepare for shipment all hardware for a new install at our facility (Store-in-a box). Our technicians and store-in-a-box solution arrive simultaneously at the install site making the installation seamless. During a device refresh/upgrade, our team will remove and decommission the existing hardware according to customer requirements.

WAREHOUSING & PALLET STORAGE: Key Services provides full warehousing and distribution center services. We can absorb your overflow materials, project-related temporary storage, and transitional storage needs.

RETURNS MANAGEMENT: Our collection administration ensures the client's product is returned for repair or disposal as driven by the SLA. Return of failed items for repair will be expected within a customer-specific time frame. Return receipts are monitored and reported to our customers on a periodic basis. Key Services can manage a failed equipment retrieval service for customer-owned items. This translates into savings on internal labor for our customers in collecting missing and late returns.

Key Services achieves high levels of satisfaction in meeting our SLAs for clients. Our state of the art technology center and ISO 9001 certification demonstrate our commitment to quality and efficiency. It is just one more way Key Services unlocks simplicity for our clients.

  • Key Services’ ISO certification ensures high quality, rapid turnaround, and cost savings for our clients.
  • Managed Services provide a proactive response, 24x7 monitoring, and fixed subscription fees.
  • Key Services' Repair Depot extends the life of products used in the Travel and Hospitality, Retail, Convenience, Finance, Warehousing and Distribution, and Manufacturing Industries.

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